Kantaris is a multimedia file player that supports a large variety of formats
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Kantaris is a multimedia file player that supports a large variety of file formats and offers a lot of handy features. Though it is open-source, it provides pretty much all the same features that commercial media players offer.

Kantaris comes with a good-looking interface. Unfortunately, though the developer announced the intention to add this feature, skins and other interface customization options are not yet available. Anyway, the default design is appealing and allows the users to access the main functions of this player with ease.

Kantaris also supports plug-ins, but at the time of this review, only 6 of them were available. Anyway, the fact that they can be installed directly from the program’s interface, through its “Plugin Manager” function, without having to use a web browser and download separate packages, is a nice touch in my opinion.

As mentioned in the beginning, Kantaris comes with a lot of handy features. It allows you to create and manage playlists, to find and load the right subtitles for your movies, to equalize the sound of audio files, to perform playback actions such as pausing or stopping the playback using hotkeys, and many more.

Though it seems there's still a lot of work to be done until Kantaris represents a truly considerable direct competitor to the popular media players out there, it’s still a decent choice especially if you need an open-source media player with support for a lot of file formats.

Margie Smeer
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  • Support a large variety of file formats.
  • Allows creating and managing playlists.
  • Helps finding the right subtitles for your films


  • Only 6 plugins were available for download and installing.
  • No skins or interface customization options
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